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We consider aspects of responsibility and sustainability from the design process and the selection of production facilities to the small details of the products, such as packaging. In the future, we intend to further develop the role of responsibility in the company. We feel that companies in the sector have an important role to play in achieving sustainable development and social responsibility on a practical level.

Our goal is to be a responsible commercial player on the human and environmental side. The starting point of the design work is to design products that are high-quality and loved, long-lasting consumer products. We require our partners to meet Lasessor's own social responsibility requirement. We strive to ensure that all of our production facilities are authorized with BSCI, SEDEX or equivalent certification so that we can ensure safe production conditions in terms of both labor rights and product safety. Currently, 90% of our factories are BSCI certified. We take into account the life cycle of the products, e.g. in material choices by choosing time- and use-resistant natural fibers whenever possible and paying attention to e.g. color safety, product performance, materials, and production processes.

Our design and production team closely monitors the development of the industry and is constantly looking for more ecological production methods, e.g. digital printing of patterned products is on the rise in the production of collections. Digital printing consumes significantly less water, energy and time. The amount of wastewater and waste material can be controlled much more easily than the traditional process, as only the required amount of printing ink is printed on the surface of the fabric and only the required amount is printed on the fabric itself. This minimizes unnecessary volume production.

Our own design and product development team works closely with our suppliers during the product development process. Before starting production, our team carefully reviews the product samples, modifying and commenting on any errors and shortcomings, so that the end result is as durable and high-quality as possible. For our functional products, such as umbrellas and durable bags, we have made a quality checklist in order to prevent production problems. Based on this quality check, the products are inspected by an external inspector before the production batch is transferred to our warehouse. The level of quality we require is considerably higher than the general standards, which is why we are happy to grant our umbrellas a one-year guarantee, for example. 

Our design team constantly pays attention to the life cycle of products. We want to design such wonderful products that they will take their place in the user’s active wardrobe for years. So we thought a lot about what makes the product timeless and dear. High-quality patterns, shades and materials play a key role in our products.

In addition to silk, wool and cotton, our collection includes linen products and cellulose-based modified fibers such as modal and viscose. In the future, we hope to be able to use new, emerging pulp-based fibers in our products, which have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than existing fibers. We monitor the development of new fiber grades and recycled fibers, and our goal is to have these materials in our collection in the future. Our umbrellas have already been made e.g. recycled plastic bottles and we are currently exploring the possibility of using recycled materials in the production of our durable bags, for example.

Thanks to our long history, we have solid experience as an employer in the industry. We employ 12 people in our company and indirectly, through our products, the impact of our work is reflected in hundreds of stores throughout Finland, contributing to strengthening Finnish employment and the national economy. Lasessor wants to be a good and encouraging employer; We have skilled employees who are passionate about their field and who also play a key role in the development of our products. We have a long and reliable relationship with many of our partners, which we want to continuously develop.

All the functions of our company (design, production planning, warehouses, cash & carry store, showroom) are under the same roof in a new, environmentally friendly house (Fashion Center, Vantaa), where the aim has been to minimize the load on the environment, e.g. with a green roof, using geothermal energy and a modern rainwater absorption and waste collection system.

When you hold a Lasessor product in your hand, there is always someone behind it who wanted to design the best possible product for you.